The Ridiculously Awesome One-Off Lamborghini Concept S Can Be Yours

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And yes, it's street legal.

Back in 2005 at Geneva, Lamborghini revealed the Concept S, which was a non-running design study at the time. Basically, it was an extreme interpretation of the Gallardo Spyder with classic single-seater racing car inspiration. The side-by-side twin cockpits are dead giveaways. But the car you're looking at right now, set to hit the auction block next month at Pebble Beach, wasn't the exact show model; this one was unveiled the following year at the Concorso Italiano. The biggest difference between the two?

The latter is fully operable, complete with the Gallardo's 520 hp V10. In fact, the updated Concept S feature even more aggressive styling elements than the original version. Examples include the "saute-vent" windscreens that were redesigned for homologation reasons, and the end result is even more radical than the original design. Not only do these screens divide the passenger compartment, but they also give the car a more futuristic look. What's more, they also create that so-called "spine" that runs between the passenger and the driver. It even provides a service for the V10 as an additional air inlet. Also note the front and rear spoilers and large rear diffuser. So why did Lamborghini decide to build this fully street legal example?

Because it planned a limited 100-unit production run, but changed its mind due to the high costs involved, thus leaving this as a one-off. Over the years, this Concept S has been shown in many shows, including Pebble Beach twice. But this year is different because it's looking for a new owner. There's only 112 miles on its clock, so it's literally brand new. No estimated price range was given, but don't even bother placing a bid if your budget is below the mid six-figure range. Photos courtesy of RM Auctions.

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