The Rimac Concept One Can Absolutely Cream A Porsche 918

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Where the hell did this car come from again?

A new company making its mark on the auto industry is incredibly tough. We're talking YouTube cover singer becoming international pop idol tough. Not too long ago, the Rimac Concept One was little more than a bespoke low-volume supercar made by a Croatian dreamer. It looked special and was a sure thing when it came to turning heads at car shows, but that's mainly because nobody knew what it actually was. Then a video came out showing the Concept One demolishing a Ferrari LaFerrari and Model S P90D in a drag race.

The results were spectacular, as they are here in this race. It pits a Concept One against the Porsche 918 Spyder.

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The Rimac ends up beating the Porsche 918 Spider handily. Behind the wheel of said Porsche is none other than automotive YouTuber Salomondrin. Even he is forced to conclude that technology is winning the race. Funny how losing a drag race to an electric supercar makes you change your mindset. Even though the Concept One costs nearly a million dollars, the fact that a no-name brand was able to come along and do Ferrari and Porsche's fastest road cars dirty should be enough to catch everyone's attention. Even if the cars of the future end up coming without gasoline engines, the fun is far from over.

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