The Rimac Wasn’t The Only Supercar Richard Hammond Destroyed

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Filling a fuel tank with water is never a good idea.

It’s safe to say that Richard Hammond had a rough year in 2017. As we all know, the presenter crashed an extremely rare $1 million Rimac Concept One while filming for the Grand Tour, which we got to see in the first episode of season two. Luckily, he survived and managed to crawl out before it burst into flames, but Jeremy Clarkson and James May aren’t going to let him forget what happened in a hurry – there hasn’t been a single episode in the current series so far without a tongue in cheek reference to Hammond's electric supercar crash.

Turns out it wasn’t the only expensive supercar he destroyed while filming the current season, either. In episode four of The Grand Tour season two, his other expensive mistake was revealed during the show’s first “Nigel” awards where Hammond admitted that two cars were used in his McLaren 720S review because one of them was destroyed during filming. No, he didn’t crash it this time – he accidentally filled the fuel tank with water. Defending himself, Hammond explained that the 720S he was reviewing was running low on fuel at the track. Rather than driving to the nearest gas station which was miles away, he poured the contents of a nearby jerry can into the car to save time.

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Little did he know that he was pouring water rather than fuel into the supercar’s tank. After failing to realize his mistake, the engine “sort of let go” in Hammond’s own words. Good luck explaining that to McLaren. May couldn’t resist making a jab at Hammond over the incident. “How many supercars have you destroyed this year, Hammond?” he asked. “Two,” Hammond replied. “How many have you driven?“ “Two,” Hamond replied again sheepishly. Sure, it’s embarrassing but at least this mistake didn’t nearly kill him. You can watch Hammond get ridiculed over destroying the 720S in a video taken from the episode posted on Facebook.