The Ringbrother's 1969 Dodge Charger Has The Most Appropriate Name

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Hint: It leaves its purist roots behind.

It all started with a 1969 Dodge Charger, and then things went a little mad, as they typically do when the Ringbrothers are involved. Making its official debut at SEMA is the "Defector," a restomod '69 Charger that required some 4,700 hours to complete. At first it may look like the original Charger, but upon closer inspection the differences are quite apparent. The Wisconsin-based duo started with a locally sourced Charger body and then shortened it by two inches through the trunk area, and then extended the wheelbase by three inches.

The side rockers were also lengthened and the quarter panels lowered and extended. Because this is considered a restomod, meaning the exterior looks old school while the guts are modern, a Detroit Speed hydroformed subrame sits below the body with rack and pinion steering. There are also front sway bars and a four-link rear suspension. The body is painted in a custom color called "Greener On The Other Side," courtesy of BASF. Also take note of all of the beautiful chrome work. Riding on a set of 19-inch wheels with custom Ringbrothers hubcaps, the Defector is powered by a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 (because of course) courtesy of Wegner Motorsports.

The interior, which also looks like that of the '69 original, is in fact modern tech with upgraded seats, unique gauges, and an Alpine sound system. No word if the Defector will one day be offered for sale, but like any Ringbrothers' creation, a six-figure price tag is the norm.

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