The Rinspeed Snap Is An Autonomous Car With Swappable Bodies


Rinspeed has come up with a novel way of reducing city traffic congestion.

Remember the Rinspeed Oasis Concept? Essentially a garden plot on wheels, it debuted at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas back in January. Now, the Swiss automaker is teasing what it has in store for the next CES this winter with the reveal of its latest concept it thinks will revolutionize mobility when self-driving cars take over in the future. Simply called the Snap, the radical concept is being billed by Rinspeed as a “comprehensive mobility ecosystem that also offers stationary use.”

It consists of two main components. A skateboard-style platform acts as the chassis and wheels and is equipped with fully autonomous technology and an all-electric powertrain. Sitting on top of the skateboard are bodies known as pods, which can be easily detached and swapped. Rinspeed says that the technology powering the platform is "virtually free from mechanical wear" and is equipped with "long-lasting IT components that are not bound to be outdated quickly.” Should the Snap’s powertrain or technology become obsolete, owners would simply have to invest in a new skateboard platform and keep using their existing pods.

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Rinspeed imagines that these pods could take a variety of forms for different uses, from traditional family transport pods, to delivery pods used for delivering packages, both of which are shown in a teaser image ahead of its full reveal. They don’t necessary have to be mobile either, as a pod could be used as a temporary office for stationary use in the city without having to use a skateboard platform, for example. It certainly sounds like a novel way of reducing traffic congestion, and it will be interesting to see how manufacturers adapt when self-driving technology becomes mainstream. The Rinspeed Snap Concept will be shown off at the CES show in Las Vegas, which kicks off next year on January 7.