The Roadkill Experiment

Are drivers more likely to run over a turtle, snake or tarantula? Find out in this informative (and funny) little clip.

Mark Rober is one of our favorite scientists, and his YouTube channel is full of informative videos that cover everything from iPad Halloween costumes to how to catch the attention of monkeys at the zoo. His latest experiment looks at the driving patterns (and consequent sadistic nature) of motorists in the United States. Or at least one stretch of highway therein. In the cleverly-titled "The Roadkill Experiment", Rober seeks to find out which creature drivers hit most on the roadways.

Based on the hypothesis that "people will swerve more to hit turtles over snakes" and "as a firm believer in the scientific method," Rober placed a rubber turtle, snake, tarantula and a control leaf on the side of the road to see which creature people aim to hit most. Watch the funny and informative test commence in the clip below.

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