The Rolls-Royce Next 100 Concept Is Basically A Mechanized Servant With Wheels


Without a chauffeur the car has to do all of the servant work for the passenger.

Unless you own a Wraith, the best seat in a Rolls-Royce is the back seat, leaving the front reserved for the peasant who has to drive you around town. However, the antisocial nature of technological progress means that soon, computers will be the drivers. This means that Rolls-Royces 100 years from now will not have front or rear seats, only a single luxury couch. Without a driver doing all of the work, Rolls-Royce had to automate all of the processes that are usually done by the servant on its Next 100 concept.

Watch how the armrest, luggage compartments, and footsteps automate without a human helper. What a time to be alive.


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