The RS160 Is The Awesome Ford WRC Car That Is Sadly Never Going To Happen


Not that we're happy about it not happening, we're just being realistic.

Ford has only been sitting out WRC for a couple of seasons at this point, but there are apparently some who really miss the blue oval already. One such person is designer Ken Nagasaka, who has dreamed up a car with which he believes Ford could return to WRC. It is called the RS160, named for the 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine which would be mounted amidships. All in accordance with current WRC rules and regulations.

As Nagasaka puts it, the car would "stimulate the potential of the market by utilizing the WRC as an attraction and promotion" and "enhance Ford brand in the compact segment with new not hatch." Which is generally the point of a manufacturer having a works team. But we won't make fun of Nagasaka for stating the obvious too much, because we love the car. We don't see it having much of a chance of ever being built, but we still love it. And since the car doesn't appear to be in any way based on an existing model, there would have to be street versions built for homologation purposes, which we also love.

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