The Russians Destroyed Imported Food For BMW's DTM Team Because Revenge


Right, so this happened.

We might as well start a new segment titled somewhere along the lines of "What Bat Shit Crazy Thing Did Russia Do Now?" So what's this week's topic? According to The Guardian, Russia's food safety watchdog (apparently there is one) last week destroyed 1.5 tons of food that was imported to Moscow specifically for the BMW DTM racing team. A Russian news agency states that "the department decided to impound goods at the checkpoint due to gross violation of sanitary rules."

Of course the sanitary violations was complete nonsense. So what was the real reason Russian authorities burned the racing team's food? Revenge. Beginning in early August, Russia began burning and bulldozing western food which has been banned from the country in an act of retaliation for sanctions over the Ukrainian conflict. The BMW DTM team has just finished racing at the Moscow Raceway as part of the series' third event of the season outside of Germany. Let's see if they return to Mother Russia next year. Photo courtesy of Reuters.

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