The S-Class Coupe Is Ready To Go Topless, But It Wants To Take It Slow

Company releases first teaser pic of the upcoming flagship cabriolet.

Aftermaking a big splash with the reveal of its new C-Class Coupe the other day,Mercedes-Benz is already preparing for its next big reveal. Heading back to thetop of the range, the company has released an early teaser image of the 6thmember of the S-Class family, the soon-to-be-unveiled S-Class Coupe Cabriolet. The picture is in fact a design sketch of the company's new flagshipconvertible 'leaked' by the company itself, but it offers quite a few hints of what the final car will look likewhen we meet it in a few weeks.

Keeping'Coupe' as part of the car's name, Mercedes has also carried over much of thedesign from the S-Class Coupe that the car is based on. It features the samefront end, sides and rear, and is differentiated only by the folding fabrictop. With the roof down, the car's leather interior, here in blue and white, isseen extending onto the decklid behind the rear headrests. It will also retainthe coupe's choice of engines and availability in all- and rear-wheel driveconfigurations. The car's official debut will take place at next month's IAAFrankfurt Motor Show 2015, and it is expected to go on sale in the US in 2016.It will be the first S-Class Cabriolet in the Mercedes lineup since 1971.

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