The Saab 9-3 That Never Was

This is the Saab 9-3 penned by a former Pininfarina designer that will never make production.

The final days of Saab were clearly not what the automaker and its extremely loyal group of fans had in mind. Instead of a real turnaround under Spyker ownership, Saab ultimately folded, unable to fully produce new models like the 9-5 and 9-4X. We’ve also known for quite some time that Saab intended to build a new 9-3 partly inspired by its earlier Phoenix Concept. Designed by former Pininfarina stylist Jason Castriota, has just released these new images of what a new 9-3 could have very well looked like.

It’s immediately clear that it was inspired by the old 900 hatchback. Look closely enough and you’ll see some of that Phoenix Concept styling in the front-end. Overall it’s a wonderful take on classic Saab proportions, and a damn shame that we’ll never get a chance to see it on the road.

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