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The Saab 900 SPG That Will Never Die

And its owner has a serious Saab fetish.

Saab owners are a unique bunch, and even after the Swedish brand officially shut down, they remain loyal to their cars. If you really examine some of those older Saabs, you may notice they were literally in a class all of their own. They weren’t pure sports cars or outright family cars, but they were still fun to drive and had unique engineering traits. One such example is this 1989 Saab 900 SPG. Powered by a turbocharged slant inline-four, its owner has owned several Saabs over the years, but this particular 900 is quite special.

Although there were some rusting and mechanical issues that have since been sorted out, the car is now used as a daily driver despite being nearly 25 years old. And there’s still nothing quite like it out there.

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