The Saab Sonnet is the Quirky Sports Car You'd Want

And it's something only Saab could have built.

Saab always has and always will have a loyal following. Just too bad it doesn’t actually make cars anymore. Before GM bought the former Swedish automaker several years ago (then ultimately pulled the plug), Saab was free to be as quirky as its Swedish self allowed it to be. While Volvo was all about safety, Saab just liked to be different. One result of this philosophy was the Sonnet II, launched in 1966.

The fiberglass-bodied two-door coupe was and still is different from just about anything else on the road. And it was even designed to race. For Glenn Roberts, his Sonett II is a real family heirloom bought by his parents when he was a kid. He still owns and drives it to this day.

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