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The Saleen FourSixteen is Not Your Typical Tesla Model S

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Here's proof electric performance cars exist.

Only a few years ago, we all would have laughed at the thought of an all-electric high-performance car. Yes, there was the Tesla Roadster, but it had its faults. Then came the Model S and it's been proving the naysayers wrong ever since it was launched. And now legendary pony car tuner and occasional supercar builder Steve Saleen has taken notice. Introduced to the public earlier this summer at Pebble Beach, the Saleen FourSixteen is basically a high-performance Model S P85 trim.

However, don't think that Saleen and crew simply added a body kit and called it a day.They pretty much did a complete rethink of the car, improving both its performance and aerodynamics. Could this be the beginning of the high-performance EV? If Steve Saleen is involved, then it's certainly possible.

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