The Schlumpf Bros' 151 Bugattis

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One of the finest motor pools in the world, the Schlumpf Collection has nearly 600 cars - including over 150 classic Bugattis.

Some people amass cars out of necessity, and some do it for a hobby. But some collect cars as a matter of obsession. The Schlumpf brothers clearly fell into the latter category. In 1957 Fritz and Hans Schlumpf (seriously, we couldn't make up these names) bought an old wool mill in Mulhouse, France. The reason? So they could house their massive car collection. And by massive, we mean massive: over their lives, the two brothers amassed nearly 600 cars. But their biggest obsession was with Bugattis.

The Schlumpfs set out to own every type of Bugatti ever made, and they ended up with 151 of them – including a Royale (the 1926 Type 41 Coupe Napoleon, to be specific) and the 57 S from the 1936 Paris Motor Show. The collection expanded to such proportions that they employed 20 people to look after it, spending 12 million francs on acquisitions and maintenance over 17 yeas. It would end up bankrupting them both, forcing them to sell the collection for well below value to the National Automobile Museum Association, which has thankfully kept the collection together and in pristine condition.

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