The Search is Over, These are the World's Biggest Tank Crushing Fans

"I'm crushing your head!"..."crush!".. -The Head Crusher, Kids in the Hall

Who doesn’t love a tank crushing things? There is something pure that comes from the excitementof a brute force demonstration. We are guessing these guys in the UK have the world’s biggest crushes (pun intended) on all thing pummeled by these mechanical behemoths. They have even gone so far as to make the site, featuring a really hot blonde named Pippa, and you guessed it, videos of their tank, crushing things of allshapes and sizes. Sounds like the recipe for a good site.

The Kings of Crush show their passion for their craft with a tank obliterating a caravan (save one bottle of water) Apparently tanks dont enjoy running over caravans. All in all you have to admire guys who buy a tank just to see what they can crush with it.

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