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The Secrets of the Audi S3's Genius

It's just effortlessly powerful in a stealthy sort of way.

From the outside, the Audi S3 looks nothing more like a well-designed hatchback. Perhaps to the untrained eye that doesn’t distinguish between the Audi and Volkswagen emblems, the S3 could even be mistaken for a Golf. For us car people, a mistake like that is impossible. But is the new S3 really any better than the latest GTI? Both are hot hatches built by the same parent company on the same platform, but the Audi has a certain modesty about it that doesn’t scream performance.

Sure there are some exterior indicators such as side skirts and a quad exhaust, but minus those and the “S” badges, it looks like any other A3. It’s what’s underneath that brings out the S3’s true soul.

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