The Sh*t Show That Is Volkswagen Now Has A New Leader

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Wow, what a time to be promoted.

Damn, Matthias Müller just stepped into a mess. The head of Porsche was just tapped to lead the Volkswagen Group after the departure of former CEO Martin Winterkorn. The Volkswagen emissions scandal, lovingly referred to in the media as dieselgate, has moved with remarkable speed. Last week the news broke and a week later there's a new CEO who may have to deal with the fact that more cars could be dirty than previously thought. Wow, what a fun job. So, how do we think Müller will do in his new gig?

Müller's recent track record with Porsche indicates he's more than capable of holding his own. No, the luxury automaker hasn't suffered a massive scandal as of late but sales have increased enormously and Porsche has been able to stay far ahead of the pack when it comes to new models and tech. Of course Volkswagen doesn't need to worry about sales goals or introducing new models. It needs a capable leader who can limit the damage. Müller has experienced nothing but success with Porsche and as far as in-house solutions go he seems to be the best man for the job. Also, we know you're sick of seeing pictures of the boring VW cars caught up in the scandal so here are some awesome 918 photos instead.

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