The Shelby 427 Cobra Was Just an Absolute Beast

And only about 50 units were made.

It may have been one of the purest expressions of what automotive legend Carroll Shelby had in mind when he set out to build his own cars. Taking the lightweight roadster body from AC Cars and V8 engines from Ford, he mated the two to create the Cobra. Shortly thereafter, that little roadster was stuffed with Ford’s then-new 427 V8. Shelby figured this was the best way to beat Corvettes at the track. Very few units were built, and those that remain now fetch millions of dollars.

But Factory Five Racing has built a highly detailed Mark IV Roadster replica. It includes all of the original’s essentials: a 427 V8, low weight, and a set of massive side pipes. Motor Trend’s Arthur recently took a once-in-a-lifetime road trip with one of these superb replicas. Check out his adventure in the video ahead.

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