The Shelby Cobra Lives On

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Before he passed, Carroll Shelby endorsed Superformance to build Shelby Cobra roadsters and coupes with official CSX serial numbers. Check out the video to see why.

Carroll Shelby built less than a thousand Ford AC Cobras, a car that has gone on to become one of the most iconic in the world and also one of the most copied. However there is only one company on the planet that creates Cobra replicas endorsed by the great man himself. "Superformance International makes replica Cobra in South Africa and calls the two-seat roadster they build the MKIII. It's still not a true Shelby, but I've endorsed and licensed the car for being as close to correct and well-built as possible. I can't say the same for others," he said in 2008.

Taking an in-depth look at the cars the company produce and to learn more about the Shelby Cobra, TFL visits Superformane's headquarters in Southern California, speaking with the CEO and some of his very satisfied customers. This is a must see for any self-certified Shelby fan.

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