The Shelby GT350 Has One Of The Coolest HUD Systems Ever Made

This may be its best feature, flat-plane crank V8 be damned.

When the ShelbyGT350 and GT350R Mustangs come out, they’re going to cause chaos on and off theroad. The furious Mustangs are purpose-built track cars and have the technologyto aid drivers in owning any track day. For example, Ford’s new Performance Shift LightIndicator isn’t like other HUDs. It’s an intuitive piece of kit that willactually help drivers get the best out of their GT350 Mustang. Thesystem has three display modes: “Tach, Track and Drag.”

The first “Tach” mode lights up sequentially as the revs build. “Track” modemakes the lights illuminate from each end towards the center and then flashesat a preset shift point. Lastly, “Drag” mode only flashes at the shift point tokeep things clear.

While this system will surely help on the track, we’re not sure if it’s necessary on the road. What do you think? Would you like your vehicle flashing all sorts of lights at you while you’re driving?

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