The Sky's The Limit When Ordering A New Rolls-Royce


You won't find check-boxes on a Rolls-Royce order sheet... just an endless array of customization options.

Ordering a new Rolls-Royce? You won't be presented with a check-box list of options or packages like you would with most any other car. Instead you'll be able to choose from a virtually endless range of customization possibilities offered through the company's Bespoke range.

More than 4,000 customers discovered that first-hand over the course of last year, and the creations they commissioned were rather unique. Like the unique Dawn Black Badge ordered up by Google's chief engineer Benjamin Treynor Sloss in a special combination of Superflare yellow and Pikes Peak blue.

The “Phantom in Fuxia.”

Michael Fux had his Phantom upholstered in his signature shade of fuchsia. And a special Dawn commemorated Czech and Slovak airmen who served in the Royal Air Force in WW2.

The British automaker also rolled out special series like the Silver Ghost Collection of 35 saloons inspired by the original and fitted with sterling-silver trim, flecked paint, and veneer inlays. The Adamas further extended the Black Badge edition with carbon and black-diamond trim, rendered in the form of 40 Wraiths and 30 Dawns. The Luminary Collection was limited to just 55 Wraiths, with 176 LEDs embedded in the oak trim.


Goodwood also introduced the Dawn Aero Cowling and the Cullinan Viewing Suite last year, visually transforming the convertible into a roadster and giving the automaker's first crossover a pair of rear-facing seats and a cocktail table to lend the notion of tailgating a touch more elegance. And special "galleries" for the Phantom were crafted out of sculpted silk or ruthenium – an even more precious version of platinum.

The long and short of it is that if you have the means to order up a new Rolls-Royce, the sky's virtually the limit when it comes to making it your own.

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