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The Skylines of San Francisco

Skyline enthusiast and owner discusses his passion for the classic Japanese sports car.

Before today’s Nissan GT-R, there were the original Skylines. Built in Japan, where they have roamed the streets and highways since 1957, classic Skylines remain relatively unknown to many Americans simply because they were never sold here. But still, they’ve developed a loyal fan base throughout the world and even some American servicemen bought and drove them while stationed in Japan. And now one Skyline enthusiast shares his passion and cars with us.

Ivan Jaramillo has a love for Japanese cars and the Skyline is unquestionably one of the finest ever to have been built by that country. The sound coming from the Skyline engines is just so damn good. It’s so good in fact that Jaramillo purposely didn’t install a stereo in either of his cars. That’s just plain awesome.

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