The Sleek Maserati Levante Receives Sporty Makeover

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If the Maserati Levante looks too tame for you, Startech has spruced it up to look more aggressive.

The Maserati Levante is one of the sleekest luxury SUVs on sale right now, but it's elegant rather than sporty. Tuning company Startech, a subsidiary of Brabus, has now changed that, with the reveal of the Startech Maserati Levante adding a host of upgrades to the standard SUV. In the tuning company's first attempt at an Italian brand, the modified Maserati gains a new sporty bodywork conversion, 21-inch wheels and exclusive interior options, and will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

Compared to the standard sleek SUV, the Startech Maserati Levante looks much more aggressive thanks to its custom bodykit, featuring new attachments to the front and rear bumpers, and a front spoiler to give the Maserati a meaner face. Also available in the naked carbon version is an integrated wing which improves the aerodynamics and reduces lift on the front axle to enhance the handling and stability at high speed. An attachment for the rear bumper accentuates the four tailpipes for a more aggressive look. Currently, this can only be applied to the Levante's standard exhaust system.

However, a Startech sport exhaust with an actively controlled exhaust flap will soon be available for the twin-turbo V6 gasoline Levante. Also available in the naked carbon version is a racing-style integrated diffusor and Startech C-Blades which attach to the left and right side of the tailgate and calm the airflow. As with most Startech cars, you also get tailor-made wheels – in this case, 21-inch Monostar M wheels, with innovative hub covers which have five double spokes and an unusual center lock look resembling a racecar. The upgrades don't just apply to the exterior, either. Inside, the Levante has received a wealth of sporty upgrades.

Startech has kitted out the SUV with scuff plates complete with backlit logos, aluminum pedals and a footrest, as well as tailor-made carbon elements for the dashboard, center console and door panels. You can also customize the cabin with wood trim sets in a variety of colors. While these upgrades are purely cosmetic for now, Startech assures us that performance upgrades for the twin-turbo V6 gasoline and six-cylinder turbo diesel engine Levantes are in the pipeline.

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