The Solo Concept Is A One-Seat Three-Wheel EV Controlled By A Joystick

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It's rather clever, especially if you live in a densely populated area.

The French are often at the forefront of style and design. The country's automotive sector is no different and, over the years, Gallic motorcars have earned a reputation for being left-field and quirky. It seems Renault-owned Mobilize wants to take this tradition into the personal mobility sector, as evidenced by the new Solo Concept.

While it may resemble a futuristic phonebox, this "single occupancy vehicle" is what Mobilize envisions as the future of city-based transport. At 53.9 inches long, it makes a Mini Cooper Electric Hardtop look gargantuan, but this compact size should pay off in crowded cities.

Mobilize wants people to rethink personal transportation. That's been done by pushing past contemporary automotive conventions, with a modern design that promotes "agile mobility." The project initially came from Renault's Indian studio, where the designer imagined a skateboard with an umbrella.

Mobilize Mobilize Mobilize Mobilize

Unlike a car or bike, the user almost wears the Solo Concept like they would clothing. In the pod-like cabin, the driver can navigate through town in a semi-seated position. Mobilize sees this as an opportunity to partner with the fashion industry and create accessories for the driver to wear as they scoot about the city.

They won't be going anywhere quickly, though. The Solo Concept can travel at speeds of up to 15.5 mph. The three-wheel vehicle is operated with a joystick which should give it plenty of maneuverability. The driver doesn't need a license to operate the Solo Concept and there's no need for a safety belt or helmet.

That sounds alarming, but the enclosed body, airbag, and foot-activated emergency button provide greater safety than the equivalent one-wheeler or traditional scooter. Enter the cabin via the left-hand side entry, and you'll be met with a spartan yet modern interior. Move the seat forward and you'll find a storage compartment big enough for a bag.

Mobilize Mobilize Mobilize

Keeping the entire thing clean should prove easy; Mobilize says the body and cockpit can simply be hosed down. With sustainability a key tenet of the vehicle, the Solo Concept has been made with 50% recycled materials. In fact, the entire vehicle is 95% recyclable.

Steering is controlled by the sole rear wheel, while the two up front aid traction. There's no mention of range or charging times, but this little electric tyke has a rather neat trick up its sleeve. There are up to three charging methods: traditional plug-in, wireless charging, and swapping batteries out. This is brilliant, as it will allow you to charge the battery at home or at the office without a dedicated EV charger.

The inductive charging will prove beneficial in public spaces. Measuring just 35.4 inches wide, several Solo Concept vehicles can charge at the same time. As per Mobilize, "the one at the front is plugged into the terminal and uses induction to transfer electricity to the others behind it."

Mobilize Mobilize Mobilize

But that's not all Mobilize has been busy with. The company has also been looking at charging points and has come up with the Ileo concept. Unlike conventional EV chargers, this funky-looking concept is moveable. It's also a multi-purpose tool - not only is the Ileo a fast-charging point (22 kW DC) but it's also a place to secure electric scooters and bicycles. What's more, there are seats, shelves, and a screen stand.

Like the Solo Concept, this little charging island is built from 50% recycled materials and is also 95% recyclable. Sadly, it's not destined for production (in the near future, at least) and that's a shame. These little charging havens are a brilliant idea for congested European cities.

Mobilize isn't the only mobility company looking at this idea. Citroen is also looking to change the way we look at motoring, and how we travel in crowded areas. The Ami is perhaps the smallest offering, but the recently revealed Oli Concept also previews a responsible future of motoring.

Mobilize Mobilize Mobilize Mobilize

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