The Soothing Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance

There's just something about working the night away with greasy parts and wrenches in your own garage.

Anyone who’s ever worked on a car or motorcycle for a countless number of hours in your garage, will fully get how it’s both a soothing and frustrating experience. On the one hand, you’re working with your own two hands in order to create something. But the experience can also be extremely tedious. For Josh Withers, his moments of Zen consisted of the many hours spent restoring old motorcycles in his garage. Amazingly, he’s not a trained mechanic and is entirely self-taught.

His work on a restored 1973 BMW Cafe bike caught the eye of someone willing to pay to have one made for him as well. Yes, this is CarBuzz, but working in your own garage on anything that involves wheels, oil and transmissions is always cool in our book.

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