The Sound of the Cadillac ATS


Not only engine power, but also engine noise was treated carefully during ATS development.

The marketing and sales campaign kickoff for the Cadillac ATS is still a few weeks away. As a prelude to the campaign, Cadillac has been providing us with appetizers and teasers aplenty. The more popular ones were associated with the Nurburgring, BMW, German engineering and the power of the sport sedan. Now Cadillac is telling us about another fine ATS trait: its refined sound. "Cadillac customers expect a level of refinement beyond what most cars have," says Kyle Stanforth, noise and vibration engineer on the Cadillac performance team.

"Yes, it's quiet, but it's more than that. They also love to hear that sound of refined power when they ask for it. So when you open it up, you not only feel the power, you hear it too." ATS engineers shaped the air intake system to allow the engine to breathe in fresh air, while minimizing unwanted engine noise. Similar designs to the exhaust system ensure maximum engine performance, while also lowering the sound levels at idle and cruising speeds. Inside, the ATS uses Bose Active Sound Management technology that continuously monitors the sound in the cabin.

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It can also generate a cancellation signal to reduce unwanted engine noise. In addition to helping create optimal sound quality, this approach reduces the need to add acoustical materials - which supports the ATS's estimated curb weight of less than 3,400 pounds.

"The ATS sounds distinctly like a Cadillac should. We've created a signature sound that expresses Cadillac power, refinement and luxury - and we make it sing," Stanforth said.