The Sound Of This Porsche 917 Will Change Your Life

All for the better, of course.

In addition to developing and building all-new cars, Porsche is very actively involved in preserving its heritage through the restoration of some of the greatest machines it ever built. The 917 is, without question, one of them. As part of the Rennsport Reunion, the world’s largest Porsche celebration, the German carmaker brought this recently restored, Gulf livery 917K to Laguna Seca, and it wasn’t just for show. The winner of the 1971 10000km of Spa took the track for some hot laps with Porsche Works driver Patrick Long at the wheel.

He wasn’t even born yet when the 917 blasted its way to victory. In place of all of those high-tech electronic systems that adorn today’s endurance racers, this 917K is nothing but analog goodness at its finest. Oh, and its flat-12 sounds absolutely blissful.

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