The Sounds of Silence: Audi is Giving the e-tron a Voice

Electric Car

EVs have a major drawback: their electric engines don't produce much (if any) sound.

One of the issues concerning EVs is the fact that they don't make much noise. In fact, they're deadly silent. This obviously creates a number of safety issues for pedestrians who can't hear them coming around a corner or from some other location they can't immediately see. So what can be done about this? Nissan, for example, has installed a whistling-like device on their Leaf that supposedly alerts pedestrians of its presence. Audi, however, is tackling this problem by going all the way in finding the ideal solution.

This new video showcases a three-year long process of designing the proper acoustics for their upcoming e-tron. The German automaker had an acoustics engineer literally create the "sound of the future" for the EV supercar.

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Aside from the video having a creepy voice-over, it's quite interesting to see (and hear) how this engineer developed an artificial sound. The e-tron's sound actually kind of reminded us of the Millennium Falcon about to go into hyperdrive, which is certainly not a bad thing. Who knows? Maybe all future EVs will sound something like this.