The Spartan Ducati is a Superb and Ideal Track Car

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The Spartan is unique, even for a track car with a high-performance motorbike engine.

Born from the desire to create a car that combines a Ferrari-rivaling body, a Ducati V-Twin engine and exceptional handling, the Spartan is a track car that is amongst the fastest and lightest in the world today. Raw and minimalist in its styling, the Spartan has carbon-fiber body panels, exposed suspension components and fully-adjustable racing shock absorbers. The tubular spaceframe design of the chassis is lightweight and extremely tough and the signature trellis look is evocative of the Ducati motorcycle frame design.

Winner of this year's World Superbike title, the 170hp Ducati 1198cc V-twin engine sits snuggly behind the driver's left ear in the mid-engine race chassis, and has the potential to propel the Spartan from 0-62mph in just 3.0 seconds and hit a top speed of 162mph. A traditional chrome gear stick drives the engine via a six-speed sequential transmission and the exhaust exits via a carbon-fiber diffuser that sits below a see-through mesh panel via which the engine, chassis and suspension are visible. At a mere 350kg with a low center of gravity and spectacular braking, the Spartan purports to offer the ultimate driving experience.

And with no roof or doors and just a small speedster-style windscreen for protection from the bugs, this is a car for the purist with only 300 to be manufactured worldwide. For now, no pricing or time of availability has been announced.

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