The Spectacular Stunt Driving In This Flick Puts Modern Movies To Shame

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Forget The Fate of the Furious. Baby Driver is now our most anticipated car movie of the year.

We're big fans of The Fast and the Furious franchise, and can't wait to see how The Fate of the Furious will outdo its outrageous predecessor when it screeches into theaters next month. But while there will be plenty of dream cars for us to salivate over, driving skill tends to take a back seat in favor of spectacle. These movies bombard you with stunts, crashes and explosions, and often resort to CGI when the action gets too extreme. That's why the trailer for Edgar Wright's new heist movie Baby Driver was such a breath of fresh air.

Many modern car chase movies use CGI to eliminate the danger of real life stunt driving. Baby Driver, however, is a love letter to old-school car movies like Bullitt, The Driver and Gone in 60 Seconds, and relies on practical effects rather than sinful CGI. Breaking down the international trailer, director Edgar Wright sat down with Empire to provide further insight.

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We reckon the international trailer is better than the American one - it's worth watching just for the sublime shot of the WRX performing a reverse 180 before drifting around a corner in one clean cut. One standout scene sees Baby execute a perfect 180 in a tight alleyway between two moving trucks. "Jeremy Fry, our ace stunt driver, and Darrin Prescott, our Stunt Coordinator, came up with that one, which is this idea of doing a 180 in and a 180 out," Wright explained. "It's quite astonishing to look at. We tried to do nearly everything for real on the roads. This is real driving. These are real stunts. And it feels like a real getaway chase in terms of the short cuts, outfoxing the police, and hairpin turns."

Apparently, the shot was filmed using a drone camera because the alleyway was too narrow to fit a helicopter. A quick check on IMDB also reveals that Fry performed the stunt driving in films including Jason Bourne, John Wick Chapter 2, and Batman V Superman. Even the lead getaway car in Baby Driver is an inspired choice. Whereas The Fate of the Furious will feature tire-smoking Dodge Demons, Chargers and customized exotics, the lead character in Baby Driver outwits pursuing police in a Hawkeye Subaru WRX STI.

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