The Sporty New Prius G's is an Eco Car with Bite

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Exclusive to the Japanese market, the G's is aimed at customers that want a Prius with a bit more style.

Fuel economy is obviously Toyota Prius owners' top concern, but that's not to say they want to completely bid farewell to a fun driving experience even if a low-power output is the sacrifice of having reduced fuel usage. We've seen a range of modified Prius vehicles come to market but this latest model, courtesy of Toyota itself and exclusive to the domestic market, aims to handle better than a standard Prius and a be a lot more fun to drive.

Based on the 'S' trim level, the G's - short for 'G Sports' - was developed with test drivers from Toyota's GAZOO Racing team who gave input on areas such as handling and steering feel. To this end, coil springs and shock absorbers were altered as part of the suspension tune, and spot welding stiffened up the chassis. An aggressive front fascia and exclusive 18-inch lightweight aluminum wheels further differentiates the G's from other Prius trims. Other additional exterior touches include a larger muffler, G's stripes along the lower side skirts, front LED headlamps and a 15-mm suspension drop.

On the inside the G's gets black suede seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, aluminum pedals and a cool G's emblem on the starter button. The powertrain remains untouched, so the combined electric/gas output of 134hp from the current third-gen model remains as is; the complete package will set Japanese buyers 2.84 million yen, or around $36,600.

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