The Stig's Greatest Hits


Check out some of everyone’s favorite white-suited racer best moments.

Some say that he checks the CarBuzz app five times a day and is convinced that Gone in 60 Seconds is a documentary. All we know for sure is that he’s called the Stig. A household name for Top Gear fans the world over the identity of the man behind the mask remains a closely guarded secret. Judging by these videos he’s doubtless lead a life as a racing driver and must have balls that need to be carried around in a wheelbarrow. Just in case you need reminding how good this guy is behind the wheel, here’s five of his finest outings in the iconic white suite.

In 2009, prior to being revealed as Ben Collins, the Stigtook on jets onboard the HMS Invincible. The mystery racing driver was taskedwith hitting 100mph and stopping before running out of road. You might besurprised by the ending.

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The latest incarnation of the Stig has been doing thebusiness since the end of 2010. Whoever it is behind the wheel, hope that he doesn’thave a day job as a taxi driver. Check him out as he gives Pistonhead’s editorDan Trent a special ride in a black cab.

It took some convincing, but the Stig was finally allowed behind the wheel of the Bugatti Veyron, the fastest car in the world at the time of the run, and was rewarded for his efforts by being given a Pagani Zonda to play with.

The Stig has driven some wickedly fast cars on the Top Geartrack. But none hold a light to the limited-edition million-dollar F1-style track-onlyLotus T125, which comes powered by a3.5-liter Cosworth V8 rated at 640 horsepower.

The Stig has also driven plenty of duds on the show, thepick of the bunch being this Reliant Robin. The small three-wheeler is not theideal carriage to chuck around the track. But that didn’t stop the Stig fromhaving a go. We don’t remember him crashing often, so this is a rare sight.