The Stig Sets World Speed Record In A Tractor

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Oh that funny Stig fellow is at it again!

We're all used to seeing Top Gear's man in white setting fast times in high-speed machinery, but for the latest episode, The Stig is behind the wheel of a custom built Track-tor that has been certified as the Fastest Tractor by Guinness World Records. It wasn't quite fast enough to activate the flux capacitor and send it back to 1956, but 87.2 mph still beats the previous record set by a Finnish tractor back in 2015 by almost 7 mph.

Now, this was no ordinary Porsche or Lamborghini tractor, no sir. This tractor required all the wits and creativity and engineering skills of the Top Gear crew, with the avid cheerleading of tractor enthusiast Matt LeBlanc.

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Turns out he's the proud owner of four of the agricultural workhorses - no word on whether he's a hobby farmer or just drives around in them to visit his friends.This rig was professionally kitted out at the so-called Top Gear Agricultural Technology Centre (we're sure there's plenty of fertilizer slung there), stuffing a 5.7L Chevy V8 under the 'bonnet' (is it still called a bonnet on a tractor?) and pumped up to 500 hp, tricked out with air suspension and 54-inch tires. And in a nod to the show's tradition of feigned goofiness, they've also installed a barometer, spade rack, a Wellington boot, and a spinner boot brush (apparently a toilet brush fixed to a drill).

Top Gear's Twitter feed has plenty of clips from the upcoming show, which airs March 28, 2018. Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris will try to break the record The Stig has set, and their success or failure will be aired in the upcoming show, but they'll also put the 'Track-tor' through its paces with a highway run, a hedge-trimming contest versus Farmer of the Year, and a "frozen vegetable challenge", whatever that may be, and of course there will be antics. Many many antics.

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