The Stingray Driving Experience

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New integrated driving tech pioneered through car racing gives drivers of the new Stingray a selection of driving experiences.

In the latest of a string of Chevy videos documenting just how awesome the new Stingray is, Corvette chief engineer, Tadge Juechter, explains how a ton of race car tech has gone into the sports car. It is more than just "race inspired" but developed from technology that was pioneered through car racing. It's most significant electronic leap forward is the Driver Mode Selector that offers five distinct driving modes: Weather, Eco, Tour, Sport, and Track - each adjusting the car for different driving and road conditions.

The Stingray also boasts an electronic limited slip differential that controls the amount of torque being delivered to the rear wheels multiple times per second. Next up for Corvette is the reveal of the convertible model, which has been penciled in for a launch at the Geneva Motor Show.

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