The Street Legal NASCAR Costs Less Than You Might Think

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Why get a Corvette Z06 when you could have an actual race car?

Have you ever dreamed of driving a racing car out on the street? No, we aren't referring to a 911 GT3 that claims to be a race car. We are talking about a stripped out NASCAR stock car. You can currently bid on a 2008 #5 Mark Martin Carquest stock car with just 1,500 miles on the clock. The price is just $69,000. The car cost over $100,000 to build and took 2,000 man hours of build time. This custom-built car is not actually a retired NASCAR race chassis. Instead, it is a completely hand crafted road car based on a NASCAR-style tube frame chassis.

Like an actual NASCAR Impala SS, this custom ride is powered by a General Motors ZZ383 crate engine with 460 horsepower. This may not sound like a ton, but the car only weighs 3,100 pounds. To put that power down, the car uses a Tremec five-speed manual transmission, a Ram truck clutch, and a locking rear axle from Ford. Goodyear street tires help give the car traction. As a daily driver, certain nice features have been added. Air ride suspension keeps it soft over bumpy roads and interior options like air conditioning, sun visors, and a stereo make this car a livable cruiser. It even has doors, unlike the actual race car. But don't think that this thing has gone soft.

The interior is still pretty spartan even though you do get carpets. You also get a custom exhaust with a switch to flip from quiet to insanely loud mode. The car was originally leased to Optima Batteries for the 2009 SEMA show, which explains the livery that it currently wears. If you want a ride that none of your neighbors have, don't waste your money on a Corvette. You can now have a custom built NASCAR, for the same money.

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