The Subaru XV Concept Is Pretty Much A Rally-Ready Impreza

2016 Geneva Motor Show / Comments

But will it actually look this good when it hits showrooms?

Only a few months ago, Subaru took the covers off of its new Impreza at the LA Auto Show and it seemed like a lot of people liked what they saw. While the Impreza STI is the Subie all of us want, there is also the lesser-known Impreza Crosstrek (called the XV in all countries other than the US) that brings out the rally side of Subaru. Essentially, the XV is a lifted hatchback Impreza that passes as a crossover SUV. Now at the Geneva Motor Show, Subaru has unveiled the XV Concept to show where the Crosstrek is headed in the future.

The concept follows a lot of design cues from the hatchback Impreza we saw at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, except it gains height as well as a matte grey "cladding" line that runs around the car. This is supposed to protect the wheel arches and sides from dirt, rocks, and whatever else the rugged Subaru might be subjected to. Like the Impreza, the XV gets a "Dynamic X Solid" design that's supposed to keep the body rigid. The blue "Glacier Khaki Silica" and contrasting grey paint job combines with orange accents, a roof rack, and the aforementioned "cladding" to give an impression of serious off-road durability. Subaru said a lot in its press release but didn't mention what size engine or type of transmission was in the XV.

A safe bet would be to expect a 2.0-liter four-cylinder and a hybrid option with power sent to all four wheels because that's just how Subaru rolls. While the stars of Geneva tend to be supercars and sports cars, don't sleep on crossovers and SUVs. As we all know these are the models that really impact sales.

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