The Super-Rare BMW M3 E92 GTS and M3 E46 CSL Chill by the Track

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No not that track… the train track.

What's better than a photo shoot starring the rare BMW E46 M3 CSL? A photo shoot starring the aforementioned Bimmer along with an extremely rare E92 M3 GTS, that's what. The uncommon M3s are two of the fastest and rarely seen BMW models out there today. The pair of coupes are both lightweight models and feature power numbers above their stock counterparts along with upgraded parts for better handling and braking.

The BMW E92 M3 GTS is one of only 250 units ever produced. The GTS arrived in 2010 and weighs 300lbs less than its stock variant. In addition to the several weight-saving measures, the GTS also packs an extra 36hp and 30 lb-ft torque. BMW produced only 1,400 units of the E46 M3 CSL back in 2004, the only year it was built. It drops 240lbs compared to its stock variant and has seen its power increase slightly by 17hp and 1 lb-ft of torque. Available in only Silver Gray Metallic or Black Sapphire Metallic, it could run an impressive track time of 7:50 on the Nurburgring. By comparison, the E92 M3 GTS ran the famed German track in only 7:48.

The exceptional-looking and exceptionally-rare models unfortunately never made their way into the North American market. After seeing both of these rare M3s chilling by the train track, you can imagine that they still stir up as much envy as the day they first came out.

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