The Supercar Event Does What It Says On The Tin


A whole weekend of supercar fun at the Top Gear track.

No ambiguity here, The Supercar Event, held over the weekend, was just what the name says it is. The event held at the Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surry, UK (keen fans will recognize this as also being the home of Top Gear) was host to a large collection of supercars both new and old. Some of these were simply on display, but there was also the option to pay to take a ride in any of a number of supercars around the Top Gear track (with the owners driving, of course).

Richard Hammond even made an appearance, adding to the Top Gear-ness of the weekend. And if that weren't good enough already, 100 percent of the proceeds went to The Children's Trust, a charity for children who have suffered brain injuries. The event was success this year, so be sure to try and make it next year for some supercar fun for a good cause.

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