The Supermodel With A Passion For Supercars

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And if you're very nice, she might loan you one of her 35 cars.

When she found out we'd be in the UK for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Tety Tudor invited us to her supercar rental company. Yes, this stunning supermodel owns Bespokes: the UK's longest established sports car hire company. The operation is first class. Professionally run, potential customers are seriously vetted. In fact, a large percentage don't meet the firm's high standards and get turned away. Naturally, CarBuzz was given free rein in a McLaren 12C for the day. Cheers Tety.

One regular overseas client never knows what he wants when he comes to London, so pays for both the Ferrari 458 Italia and Lamborghini Gallardo. And then he'll use just one of them.

Then there are those who come to the UK and take British classics like the E-Type to the Cotswolds or the TVR to the Lake District. Activity days are also on offer including the Supercar Driving Experience, where participants can drive eight supercars in a day. After a few hours in the McLaren, some things were made clear. Supermodels in flashy orange supercars tend to make people stop and stare. The 12C might be a few years old, but going 0-60 mph in three seconds will never be. Traffic in London sucks, but you're never that far away from a motorway to have a bit of fun. And finally, kids love supercars, even if they don't know what they're called.

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