The SUV is Dead in the US? Not At All

The love affair is back on.

Not so long ago, it seemed possible that the SUV would no longer be the vehicle of choice for a significant number of Americans. Rising fuel prices were the main culprit as people were eager to save money in a weak economy. But in a sign of better times, the latest sales numbers are showing that the SUV is anything but dead. In fact, more people are opting for SUVs than sedans. Well, SUVs and crossovers that is. For example, SUVs and CUVs made up 36.5 percent of new-vehicle registrations through May of this year.

Sedans consisted of 35.4 percent of sales for that same period. Chevrolet has reported that sales of its full-size Tahoe increased by 52 percent last month alone. The Buick Encore also experienced an 80 percent sales boost. Ford is reporting that its Explorer, now a crossover, is selling well. For Jeep, the numbers are also very solid: deliveries of its vehicles jumped by 41 percent last month alone. So, is the SUV dead? Nope. Quite the opposite in fact.

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