The Suzuki e-Survivor Concept Is A Delightfully Eccentric Electric SUV


This is what the off-roader of the future will look like, according to Suzuki.

With the hectic Frankfurt Motor Show now a distant memory, the next major motor show on the calendar is only a month away, with the Tokyo Motor Show starting on October 25. Predictably, Japanese automakers are already teasing some of the new cars and concepts that will debut at the show. Subaru will be showing off the new WRX in concept form, while Mazda will be previewing its long-awaited, rotary-powered sports car concept. Suzuki on the other hand, will be showcasing this rather quirky SUV called the e-Survivor Concept.

Essentially, this is Suzuki’s vision of what the future holds for electric SUVs. The e-Survivor is an all-electric concept designed to show what an electrified Suzuki Jimny or Vitara could look like within the next 100 years. The roofless electric SUV looks wonderfully eccentric, thanks to its extremely short overhangs emphasizing its compact body and huge wheel arches that let you marvel at the working suspension, while each wheel is equipped with an electric motor to provide four-wheel drive. Massive tires and a truck-derived ladder frame leave no doubt that this would be an extremely capable off-roader despite its compact size.

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Inside, the e-Survivor is just as funky and futuristic, sporting a full-width head-up display and a flat-bottomed steering wheel with a built-in screen. We’re surprised it isn’t fully autonomous, considering it’s meant to represent what an SUV could look like in the next century. Dominating the center console is a sphere-shaped display projecting information with 3D images, combined with an additional display on the passenger side and small screens built into the seats, which also have mounted speakers and air conditioning ducts.