The Sweetest Ride You Ever Take Might Just Be Your Last One

There's a Bombardier out there who wants to revolutionize the way we ride to heaven.

Froma purely automotive standpoint, the whole funeral thing has been in a bit of a rut for the past few decades. Take a long-wheelbase luxury car, add on a big, boxy 'cargo'area that can comfortably fit a coffin, and you've got yourself a hearse. Butisn't it about time to roll the body-carrying car business into the 21stcentury? Charles Bombardier, grandson of Joseph-Armand Bombardier, is an activeinventor who's already introduced some pretty wild ideas to the world. Now, he'scome up with a vehicle that aims to transform the way people leave thisworld.

The Korbiyor is a fuel-cell powered electric hearse that featuresautonomous driving. It moves on Mecanum wheels that allow the vehicle to roll in any direction, which means it can ride directly into a church or other place ofworship to make a truly dazzling last entrance. With no driver (driving is doneby remote control), the deceased's body has the whole cabin to itself and can be the true star of the show. Those who come to pay their respects will enjoy specialfeatures such as a multimedia presentation and stereo speakers. Meanwhile, thebody will be kept at an ideal temperature thanks to onboard refrigeration. Isthis the ultimate ride to the sky, or an invention that should be buried beforeit leaves the lab?

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