The Takata Airbag Issue Isn't Even Close To Being Resolved

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Around two-thirds of the effected vehicles still haven't been fixed.

Back in 2015, it was revealed that a record-breaking recall was being issued for cars that were fitted with Takata airbags. All told, over 30 million cars were effected by the recall and Takata was forced to pay out $1 billion after 16 people were killed by the faulty airbags. We thought that such a serious issue would be fixed quickly, but as of this writing the issue isn't even close to being completely resolved. Automotive News reports that nearly two-thirds of the vehicles with Takata airbags have not been repaired.

As of mid-September, around 20 million vehicles with faulty Takata airbags have yet to be fixed. This accounts for around 64 percent of the 31.5 million vehicles that were recalled. In total, 43 million inflators have been recalled and 25 million of them still have to be replaced. Some vehicles have two defective airbags, so there are fewer cars being recalled than individual airbags. By 2018, the number of recalled inflators is expected to swell to 62 million under an NHTSA plan to replace the riskiest parts first in phases. The issue with the airbags causes the inflator to explode and hit the occupants with metal shards. The issue was so serious that it has already caused Takata to file for bankruptcy.

The auto industry is starting to make "meaningful progress" on this recall, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. The recall effects 19 manufacturers, and even Ferrari was involved. Progress on the recall has varied drastically between different manufacturers, but hopefully this issue can be put to rest soon.

Jens Meyer, AP

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