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The Tale Of A Father's Racing Ghost On Xbox Will Bring You To Tears

This story is absolutely amazing!

If you have not heard this story before, prepare to get misty eyed. On a YouTube video entitled 'Can Video Games Be A Spiritual Experience', user 00WARTHERAPY00 commented with the following story. Back when he was four years old, his dad bought him an original Xbox, (the old blocky looking one). When he was just six, his father passed away. After 10 years of never touching that Xbox he turned on a racing game that he and his father used to play, RalliSport Challenge. When he started playing this game, he found a ghost, literally.

In most racing games, when you set the fastest lap time around a track, the game records this lap as a ghost. The ghost that he saw was actually a lap set by his father before he passed away. Although his father is gone, he can still turn on the Xbox and race against his dad. As long as the ghost is never beaten, it will stay there forever. Amazing, right?

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