The Teeny Tiny Lexus LF-SA Concept Looks Less Weird In The Metal, Still Weird Though

It's just not that much less weird.

Lexus showed us some publicity photos of its new ultracompact LF-SA concept a bit before the opening of the Geneva Motor Show, and the styling made it obvious from the beginning that this wasn't something that would hit dealerships next month. Lexus says the design was created to give differing opinions depending on which angle it was viewed from, although we just see strange from all sides ourselves.

There is technically room for two in the cabin, although it would be in your best interest to only carry thin passengers. The car was designed by Toyota's European design studios, and as you would expect from something this small, it was made with Europe in mind. Tiny cars like these from luxury brands tend not to do all that well, even in Europe, but it does have to be said that it is less insane a thing for Lexus to do than it was Aston Martin. Just the same, it's a strange looking thing, and if something looking like this were to come to market, we'd be surprised.

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