The Tesla Model 3 Will Get The Model S Smart Air Suspension

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Next step: Ludicrous Mode.

The Tesla Model 3 has just arrived and already Elon Musk is revealing some big plans for the entry-level sedan. Responding to an owner's question on Twitter regarding the possibility of the Model 3 being offered with the automaker's "Smart Air Suspension," Musk confirmed that not only will it become an option "in about six months or so," but that it will be introduced with the dual motor all-wheel-drive. This next level powertrain setup leads directly into the eventual Model 3 performance version, which will come with Ludicrous Mode.

Now, what is the Tesla Smart Air Suspension, for those who don't know? Tesla states this option adds "the ability for your Tesla to adjust vehicle height for better handling, efficiency and ride comfort. Using the touchscreen, you can raise or lower your vehicle when entering a steep driveway, navigating snow, or unloading passengers and belongings. Using GPS location detection, the vehicle will remember and re-apply the setting automatically." We don't know how much extra the suspension will cost Model 3 buyers, but it was previously a $2,500 option in the Model S before being made standard, so figure something similar.

What's certain, however, is that whenever Ludicrous Mode (you'll want this, trust us) becomes available, the Model 3's price tag will well surpass $35,000. This is where the Model 3 will truly become a BMW 3 Series, and possibly M3, fighter. Assuming Ludicrous Mode remains, uh, ludicrous, then BMW has something to worry about here.

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