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The Tesla Model III Coming with Auto Pilot

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But it still won't be a fully autonomous car.

There's no question that Tesla is at the forefront of automotive technology these days. After all, it was the first automaker to successfully (that's the keyword here) build a pure EV that can be utilized as a daily driver without issues such as range anxiety and being laughed at by others. The Tesla Model S is one awesome car jam-packed with high-tech features. It looks great inside and out, and will leave many conventionally powered cars in its dust. But what it doesn't have is an auto pilot system.

No, not self-driving technology like what Google is playing around with, but rather a system that's similar to what Cadillac is developing. In a recent interview with a Japanese publication, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that the upcoming entry-level Model III will feature some auto-pilot technology. Set to go on sale in about three years with a starting price in the neighborhood of $35,000, Tesla will use its own system software but will outsource various components and sensors to suppliers. But what about the existing Model S and soon-to-launch Model X crossover? Will these receive auto-pilot technology as well? Musk stated that "in the long term, all Tesla cars will have auto-pilot capability."

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