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The Tesla Model S Gets Even Cooler With MIND CONTROL!

This is WAY cooler than self driving.

If you thought that the autopilot feature on the Tesla Model S couldn't be topped, prepare to be blown away. Tech company Touch Titans have created the Emotiv Insight, basically a device that allows you to mind control your car. The Emotiv Insight is a brain activity monitor that talks to Tesla's autopilot features that are present in the Tesla app. The device creates inputs from brainwaves that activate features of the car. This could be used to make the Model S flash its lights or honk to help find it, lock it, unlock it, and even cool or heat it.

Touch Titans has released a video of something even cooler, using the device to activate the Tesla's summon feature. They basically move the car WITH THEIR MINDS! Watching a Tesla move by itself is pretty cool. Watching this one be controlled through mind control is on another level.

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