The Tesla Model S P100D Can Beat Most Supercars Even On A Wet Track

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Like a laser guided missile, it seems as if nothing can stop the Ludicrous Model S.

When Tesla first divulged that it was going to turn the volume knob to 100 by releasing the P100D, nobody had any doubts that it would be an astonishingly quick car. The P90D had already carved out a reputation for itself by sending Hellcats home with their tails between their tires, but even though the extra juice and slightly quicker acceleration times are enticing, some diehard drag strip fiends have a hard time respecting Teslas at the drag strip.

That's because drag cars, like any other gas-powered vehicle, have gearboxes manipulating the torque output.

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Winning a drag race means much more than having the better car, it involves a perfect launch, well-rehearsed shifts, and an endless source of intense focus. On the other hand, a Tesla owner who's never seen a stick shift can just show up at the local drag strip and beat drivers who've spent years honing their craft. Instead, the work is done by clever programmers who set the car's computers up for the perfect launch every time. And what a masterpiece it is. After seeing Lewis Hamilton tackle the Circuit of the Americas in the wet with a healthy respect for nature's power, it's impressive to see a computer come and launch as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

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